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6-PACK, Zen Chocolate Bar, Raw Organic 2.5oz with JUST THRIVE Probiotic
Zen Chocolate Bars by

6-PACK, Zen Chocolate Bar, Raw Organic 2.5oz with JUST THRIVE Probiotic

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2.5oz bar / 6-PACK of Bars

Powered by Just Thrive Probiotic!  Just Thrive is your best choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just Thrive® is a unique true probiotic formulation that contains strains that are naturally designed to survive the harsh stomach and thrive in the body’s digestive tract, supporting the body’s ability to improve the growth of its own strains of healthy and beneficial bacteria. Its formulation also includes Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces RDA levels of critical antioxidants, such as alpha and beta carotene, lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein right where they are absorbed in your intestines. Antioxidants are essential dietary nutrients, most commonly found in leafy green vegetables and brightly-colored fruit, which have been found to help prevent many age-related illnesses.  

Got that chocolate craving and looking for a delicious, ready to enjoy treat without any of the added junk? Look no further!

Made with raw heirloom, jungle crown, wild crafted non-CCN1 criollo arriba cacao, raw organic agave syrup and a touch of himalayan pink salt, these bars are the essence of simple decadence. Absolutely no dairy, soy or canola....ever. Just rich, delectable, sinfully delicious dark chocolate without any of the guilt!

The variety of cacao we use to craft this incredible bar is jungle grown and wild harvested, meaning it grows in the original habitat and method as nature intended.  Truly organic and unadulterated, this cacao is not farmed or mass produced.  It retains the highest level of nutrients and flavor, and is simply the best we have found on the planet.

This cacao is processed at the source on dedicated, allergen-free equipment.  And all of our chocolate is prepared in small batches on dedicated equipment, and is never exposed to dairy, soy, peanut, canola or other common fillers or allergens.  You can taste the quality, and your body will thank you!

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