is an extension of Enlightened Hands Wellness & Massage. You can reach us anytime at (847) 833-4649.

This division started because of a father’s desire to create optimal health and longevity for his children.Many years ago, Michael Bouvier, owner of Enlightened Hands, had attended a seminar that inspired him to begin - that day - cleaning up his diet and that of his family. It also spurred a deep desire to obtain a true understanding about naturopathic food healing.He then dedicated the next years to course work and research.

From this mission, he learned about the differences even amongst healthy products in terms of sourcing, processing, packaging and more.It was this acquired knowledge that drove him to source out the highest quality bulk foods, supplements, herbs and other wellness products. In order to afford the super-high level of quality, he had to buy in bulk and large quantity wholesale.The mindset at the time was, by expending so much money up front, he would have enough to provide for his family for a year.

During this time, many of his clients began asking him about the knowledge he had been obtaining, and Michael was all too happy to share what he had been - and continues to be - learning.Through this information, his clients became inspired, and, they knew Michael had clearly put in the time, effort and dedication to obtain the highest quality.This eventually led to several of them asking if they could obtain some of his stock for themselves.

Before long, Michael had to look into a way to package bulk foods like Certified Organic Truly Raw Almonds and Certified Organic Raw Shredded Coconut, and so on. This began by simply getting a vacuum sealer and bags.Michael was very adamant that any of his clients that would acquire product from him had to receive it at the same level of freshness that he did so they could really experience the difference in quality.

From there, word of mouth began to spread and Michael had to get product shelves to display some of what he and his family were ingesting. A short time later, after many suggestions from clients and the amazing abilities of Renée Speir, was born.

Years later, the mission has not changed. We are truly dedicated to only carry the highest quality products that we can find.As a family, we ingest or use all of the products we carry, either with regularity, or, with some of the more medicinal products, as needed.

This is our guarantee to you, because the very thing that drove Michael to begin is still such a powerful force in his life, particularly in regards to his two young children: We promise to always be on the lookout for the highest quality, never wavering on standards, and always remaining willing to remove a product and replace it with the best as new products are created. We pride ourselves on having fast turnaround times, from same day to next day in many cases. We further promise to strive to not only offer the highest quality products, but also the lowest prices we can possibly offer.We regularly scour the web to see if any sales are occurring so that - if we can - we meet or beat those prices.

Michael & Renée strive to continue to organically grow this company, adding enhancements with every opportunity.We are always open to what our clients and buyers want to see, so please feel free to provide input so that we can continue to grow :)

Renée Speir is such an asset to and all of its clients.She is also supremely well-educated in naturopathic food healing and herbalism, as well as being responsible for taking the vision Michael has for the company and making it a reality with this constantly evolving website, management of shipping, and such.

We are also always open to offering guidance, and can facilitate in-depth consults if desired, so do not hesitate to give us a call.