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Astragalus Extract Bulk Powder 8oz
Astragalus Powder at

Astragalus Extract Bulk Powder 8oz

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Astragalus is one of the great tonic herbs for increasing day to day energy and supporting immune function, and to support digestive function and help to build blood. 

In TCM Astragalus is categorized as an Energy (Qi) townifying herb, directly supporting the Lung and Spleen. This allows the body to better derive energy from the foods you eat and the air you breathe. 

Astragalus is an immune tonic that tonifies "wei qi" or "protective qi": the energy that runs just below the surface of the skin. It helps the body to fight off external pathogens.

Astragalus also houses what is call "upright qi" which is the energy in the body that supports upright posture and the correct position of the organs. Weak "upright qi" can lead to organ prolapse, slumping or slouching, and general feelings of fatigue. 

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