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Eucommia Bark Drops
Eucommia Bark by Dragon Herbs

Eucommia Bark Drops

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  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • Made from premium mature Eucommia bark
  • Supports back strength
  • Supports bone and joint health
  • Great Jing Tonic

One of the very few balanced vegetarian Yang and Yin tonics

Eucommia is the primary plant-sourced herb in Chinese herbalism used to tonify the Kidney Yang functions, in particular as it affects the lower part of the body and the skeletal structure. And although Eucommia is primarily known as a powerful Yang Jing tonic, it is also a strong Yin Essence (Yin Jing) nourishing herb. Because it provides both Yin and Yang, it is a superb herb for men and women alike and can be used by almost anybody to promote the functions of the endocrine system, to promote sexual functions, to enhance normal growth, to promote healing, to strengthen the physical structure and to strengthen resistance. Recent animal studies indicate that the alcohol extract of Eucommia Bark may be a potent human growth hormone secretagogue.

Eucommia's first fame is in its Kidney tonifying effects. It is in fact the primary herb in Chinese tonic herbalism for building a strong, sturdy, flexible skeletal structure. It is used to strengthen the bones, ligaments and tendons, and can be used to help mend damage to these tissues, whether the damage is due to stress, age or trauma. Eucommia is also the primary herb of choice for lower back and knee problems, including pain, stiffness, dislocation, swelling and weakness. Eucommia is one of the few herbs in Chinese tonic herbalism that is sufficiently powerful, balanced and broad spectrum that it may be used alone. However, it may be combined with any number of other tonic herbs in a formulation or tonic herbal program designed to build the Yin and Yang of the Kidney. 

Eucommia is the quintessential example of a safe, mild and potent Kidney tonic that builds Jing. 

As a Kidney tonic, Eucommia is considered an important herb for improving potency in men and fertility in women. It will be found in almost every formula designed for such purposes. Furthermore, Eucommia helps slow down ejaculation. 

Traditional Function:

Nourishing the Kidney and Liver; strengthening the bones, ligaments and muscles;

hypotensive; and benefiting the uterus and fetus during pregnancy 

Who can use it? Anyone

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