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Lauricidin Monolaurin
Lauricidin Monolaurin

Lauricidin Monolaurin

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Lauricidin is 95%+ pure sn-1 Monolaurin. It is derived from the extraction of the lauric acid found in pure coconut oil, then bound to a glycerin using our proprietary molecular distillation process to create pure Monolaurin. Lauricidin is a dietary supplement for active families with healthy lifestyles (kids, adults, and seniors).

Lauricidin is pure sn-1 monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate) derived from coconut oil. The same monolaurin received from mother's milk, saw palmetto, and bitter melon, embraced by both your immune system* and your digestive tract*.

Health Professional-recommended and 100% nontoxic, Lauricidin is safe for your entire family.

Lauricidin is all-natural, free from potential drug interactions and coconut allergens.

Our monolaurin is a natural, plant-based medium chain saturated fatty acid extracted from coconut oil that offers unique health-promoting properties*.


Promote a Strong Immune Defense*: Lauricidin supports a healthy and hardy immune system*- a strong defense even when you feel that your immunity is challenged*.

A Gut Instinct: Helps maintain a normal, healthy balance of intestinal flora* and yeast*.

Absorbs Cleanly by the Body: Pure lipid monolaurin is a naturally occurring monoglyceride metabolized directly by the liver unlike other saturated fats. It is not re-converted into inactive triglycerides.

Cost-Effective: Lauricidin is significantly more cost-effective than other competing brands. You may need to take 18-30 capsules a day, or 12 tablespoons or more of coconut oil per day to equal the amount of monolaurin found in the recommended use of Lauricidin .

Everyday doctors and healthcare professionals (MDs, DOs, DCs, NDs, LMTs, RDs, CNCs/CNs, LAcs) personally use and recommend LAURICIDIN .
Why over the last 12 years have so many physicians recommended LAURICIDIN ?
- Dr. Jon J. Kabara pioneered the research and discovered the remarkable properties of Monolaurin.
- Dr. Kabara dedicated his life's research to the refinement and introduction of Lauricidin to the United States and International communities.
- Lauricidin is the purest form of Monolaurin available.
- Knowledgeable, experienced customer service professionals are always ready to assist healthcare professionals and consumers.
- Orders ship daily.

There's no comparison to LAURICIDIN 's pure sn-1 Monolaurin.
Yes, there are other...Monolaurin capsule-type products trying to enter the market. However, these newcomers do not have our proprietary extraction process to garner 95%+ pure sn-1 Monolaurin. These capsule products are not 95%+ pure sn-1 Monolaurin. They're not standardized in their formulation and add [inert] fillers, making them cheaper to produce, but more expensive for you per dose.

8oz jar
4 Stars
Have not gotten sick since using this product regularly, and for a school bus driver that is amazing.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Portland, OR United States. on 2/16/2017
5 Stars
I have studied the powerful antibacterial and antiviral power of lauric acid. This product gives you that power on overdrive, as it is already combined with the necessary cofactors so your body doesn't have to convert anything. I used it with an internal infection, which was awesome, and also had a wart disappear from my finger in the process!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from , United States. on 2/10/2015
5 Stars
This stuff is my Holy Grail (Tiny Super Healing Pellets) and FoodHealing is the cheapest and best place to find it. They are committed to the best product at always affordable prices. I send my friends, family, clients and podcast listeners here all the time. Thank you for the years of excellence.
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Reviewed by:  from PORTLAND. on 1/20/2019

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