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Manuka Honey, Organic, Wedderspoon
Manuka Honey by Wedderspoon

Manuka Honey, Organic, Wedderspoon

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Certified Organic Manuka Active(OMA) 16+ Honey in 500g

Wedderspoon® Manuka honeys are not Genetically Modified, are antibiotic free, unpasteurized, have not be industrially blended with any other honeys and each batch can be traced directly back to the beekeeper. 

Active Manuka Honey is used internally: 

Taken by the teaspoonful up to 3 times a day.

Wedderspoon® Certified Organic Manuka honey; full of potent antioxidants and natural properties keeps itself fresh naturally without any preservatives or refrigeration. Powerful natural antibiotic.

Wedderspoon® Manuka honey does not spoil, expire or "go bad", and actually develops even stronger properties with time, much like those renowned, highly sought after fine wines! So you can rest assured knowing that in the rare circumstance that the honey is not polished off quickly, it will only get better with time on your shelf!

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