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Qigong Virtual Skype Session - 1hr
Qigong Distance Lessons

Qigong Virtual Skype Session - 1hr

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Each class will be an intensive in a particular aspect of posture or a specific exercise within the Level-1 form, and we will break the form down into precise detail.

We will practice Tien-Jue Qigong inspired form. This form is based on one developed by Master Zhou Ting-Jue of the WuDang lineage. Master Zhou has been practicing the art of Qigong for over 70 years, and is considered a National Treasure of China. This style of Qigong is a standing form focused on allowing the practitioner to feel the energy and develop internal energy stores. It is a smooth flowing practice that is heart-centered and joyful. Our practice will explore in great depth the concepts, energy flow and points of focus to maximize your personal practice.

Online sessions led by Qigong Practitioner Michael Bouvier.

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