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Schizandra Extract Bulk Powder 8oz
Schizandra Extract Bulk Powder

Schizandra Extract Bulk Powder 8oz

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Schizandra is well-known as "the beauty berry", and is renowned for it's ability to help promote radiant, beautiful skin. It is also a powerful sexual tonic, increasing fluids and sensitivity for women, and helping male endurance. A powerful brain and memory tonic. A longevity tonic, this herb contains all five flavors, and nurtures all three treasures in Chinese medicine. Everyone can benefit from taking Schizandra!

Schizandra is a Three Treasure tonic herb that is renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, and radiant skin. It is a powerful brain and memory tonic. As a sexual tonic, it increases fluids and sensitivity in woman, and has an astringing quality for male endurance. 

The Chinese name for Schizandra is "wu wei zi" which translates as "five flavored seed." The significance of this has to do with the therapeutic range of this herb.   This incredible herb is able to tonify the Yin of all five Yin organs of the body. The more pronounced flavor of Schizandra is sour, and as such, its ability to stabilize the primal Qi of the Kidneys is more pronounced. 

It also is a powerful Liver tonic, helping keep the Liver's detoxifying function running smoothly. 

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