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The ULTIMATE Vegan Brownie Mix

The ULTIMATE Vegan Brownie Mix

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The ULTIMATE Vegan Brownie Mix

... Just add water!

Finally arrived! The ULTIMATE Vegan Brownie mix is completely dairy- soy- peanut- egg- and flour-free! Just add water and bake for the most incredibly delicious brownies ever!

Available in single or double batch pouches.


Certified Organic Truly Raw Almonds

Certified Organic Raw Criollo Variety Cacao Powder

Certified Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Certified Organic Raw Heirloom Quality Chia Flour

Certified Organic Raw Vanilla Bean Powder

Celtic Sea Salt

Baking Soda

This delicious mix has been created with a healthy lifestyle in mind. We hand-
craft every batch with love. It is 100% vegan, with absolutely no wheat, gluten, 
dairy, soy, peanuts, canola oil, artificial colors or flavors.

Not  just for brownies...

You can use this mix to create not only healthy and delicious brownies, but 
also out-of-this-world amazing cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or enjoy as a raw
delicious chocolaty treat straight out of the mixer! Because the batter is 
completely egg-free, it is totally safe to eat without cooking. And you can use
it to finish off your desserts with a rich, creamy frosting. If you are baking it, 
simply select your appropriate dish, cupcake pans, etc., cook according to 
the directions, and remove when the perfect level of doneness is achieved.

So enjoy, get creative, and feel good knowing that you are consuming healthy, 
natural whole food ingredients.
*If a flavor is not selected, we will send chocolate :)

Contain almonds.

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