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Advanced 9-Breath Box Set
Advanced 9-Breath Box Set

Advanced 9-Breath Box Set

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Advanced 9-Breath Method: THE BOX SET
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Advanced 9-Breath Method: THE BOX SET

*Guided Practice #1: Global & Personal Healing Meditation
*Guided Practice #2: Gentle Kundalini Activation
*Guided Practice #3: Hands on Healing Session

*RAVE REVIEWS from experienced Qigong & Yoga Practitioners

When you combine amazing music with the most powerful breathing technique on Earth, profound experiences are a regular occurrence. This box set is for people who love to vibrate with POWER and are interested in bringing out their highest potential. 

God has breathed life into all of us. The Advanced 9-Breath Method meditation series gives us a glimpse as to why. The LIFE is in the breath and our body's capacity to heal is only limited by the amount of energy we can run through our nervous system. This CD series takes us to PEAK STATES OF ONENESS and heals on a biological, emotional and spiritual level. It is the ultimate experience of Prayer, Meditation & Breath. 

Save $40 plus the cost of shipping multiple items when you buy the box set.

* Note: People undertaking the Advanced Nine-Breath Method must have practiced the regular version on the L-2 DVD or from a live seminar for at least 1 hour FIRST before doing the advanced versions. Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizures or any heart problems.

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