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Global Healing Meditation CD
Global Healing Meditation CD

Advanced 9-Breath Global Healing Meditation

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NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: Global & Personal Healing CD
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NEW! Advanced 9-Breath Method: Global & Personal Healing CD

*Guided Meditation leads to VIBRATORY BLISS like you've never experienced
*Takes the Power of 9-Breath Method and makes it at least 3 Times More Powerful 
*In-depth Theory CD on the technique ensures precise understanding 
*Focuses on Healing the Planet, Abundance, Healing Loved Ones & MAKES YOU VIBRATE!

For the 1st time ever bliss has truly been bottled. Building on the principles of the Nine-Breath Method taught in L-2, this version utilizes prolonged retention & sublimation of breath. It was taught publicly for the first time to 2000 people on April 28th, 2009 and the response from the audience was one of wild cheering and profound gratitude. In fact, next to being inside a two thousand person 9-Breath Circle it is the next best thing. 

The Global & Personal Healing is a GUIDED MEDITATION for people interested in healing the Earth, sending qi to loved ones and releasing everything that stops the abundance from entering our lives. It is a great daily practice that leaves You vibrating, peaceful, and so clear mentally that you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

* Note: People undertaking the Advanced Nine-Breath Method must have practiced the regular version on the L-2 DVD or from a live seminar for at least 1 hour FIRST before doing the advanced versions. Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizures or any heart problems.

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