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Black Label Premium Matcha at FoodHealing.org
Black Label Premium Matcha at FoodHealing.org

Black Label Premium Matcha 8oz

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Ceremonial Green Tea

Without question, the very finest Matcha in the world.

Normally Matcha, the non-organic variety which is the principle widely sold version of "Matcha", is harvested over a 3 to 4 month period. As such, you have various harvesting times;; early, mid and late. The retailers have chosen to ascribe names such as "Imperial Grade" or "Ceremonial Grade" to the tea harvested more early. It is just a play on words, for all Matcha is truly "Ceremonial". But yes, in the "Non-Organic" realm, you have several harvests; the earlier the better.

Organic Matchais an entirely different breed of tea. Harvested over a short window of 6-7 weeks, there is technically no "early" harvest, as we have said in our prior writing. They take this marvelous tea, and average it or blend it, and you have your organic.

With all of this said, there is something one step higher, that is generally not available in the U.S. You have to love the Japanese, they tend to "cherry pick" the very best (eg: 1st week of harvest) and set it aside for the elite, at prices 2 to 3 times the normal going price for the organic

Matcha Benefits…

  • • Heightens the concentration
  • • Provides increased mental clarity and focus
  • • 10x more potent in antioxidants and nutrients compared to traditional steeped green tea
  • • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • • Provides sustained energy for 3 to 6 hours
  • • Cleanses

A matchagreen tea lattebrings mental concentration, emotional stability, composure of mind, and physical well being.

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