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Advanced Breath Empowerment CD
Advanced Breath Empowerment CD

Breath Empowerment Guided Meditation Series

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The Breath Empowerment Series *Leaves you vibrating and blissed out *Hyper-Oxygenates the Blood and flushes out blockages within your nervous system
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The Breath Empowerment Series

*Leaves you vibrating and blissed out 
*Hyper-Oxygenates the Blood and flushes out blockages within your nervous system
*Sound of Breath to follow is heard behind Jeff's voice guiding you
*Features both LIVE seminar version and Advanced Studio Version released in 2011
Attendees at our Qigong events have long said the Breath Empowerment had them vibrating from head to toe. Many say it led to the most tangible experience of spiritual energy inside their body. Other comments include, "I couldn't stop smiling." 

Product Contains: 
Disc1- complete theory & understanding how to improve your results
Disc2- Breath empowerment (Guided home Practice from Live Event)
Disc 3- Advanced Breath empowerment (Guided precise instruction from Studio)
This first practice CD was recorded live in Austin Texas from a Breath Empowerment that was given to 600 people. Digitally mastered for home use, the sound of Jeff's breath is heard at just the right level along with his guidance through the process. This CD is powerful enough to bring this experience home for anyone. Many people, including teenagers and novice rookies who never did any Qigong have played this track in their headphones with mind blowing results.

After 15 years of teaching the breath empowerment to over 40,000 people in live seminars, Jeff designed a more gentle and more ADVANCED version of this already cosmically powerful technique. 2011 saw the evolution of the ADVANCED breath empowerment. What's different about it? The advanced version incorporates Tumo Breathing, Breath Holding and Acupoint Visualization to move energy. Jeff's staff of instructors unanimously agreed that the ADVANCED breath empowerment is the most fun you can have with breathing.

Note: Due to the powerful nature of this practice it is not recommended for anyone with seizure disorders, asthma, heart disease, or is pregnant.

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