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Coptis & Scute by Dragon Herbs
Coptis & Scute by Dragon Herbs

Coptis & Scute

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Clears heat, arrest bleeding, relieves irritability, hysteria and mania.
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  • Revered classic Chinese herbal formulation
  • Helps establish healthy gut microbiome
  • Modulates NF?B (Nuclear Factor kappa B) activity
  • Supports immune health
  • Contains baicalin and berberine
  • Known as “The Four Yellows” as all four herbs contain special yellow pigments
  • Ask your herbalist

This is one of Asia’s most widely used inner cleansing formulas. Coptis and Scute Combination is a safe and effective classic formula. These herbs are not laxative. It cleanses the body at a cellular level and supports immune functions. It is both classical and very modern in its simplicity, elegance and effectiveness. It belongs on everyone’s herb shelf.

Classical Name — Coptis and Scute Combination

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