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Kampuku Bar by Dr. Ohhira
Kampuku Bar by Dr. Ohhira

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar

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Kampuku Bar from Dr. Ohhira's is a beauty and revitalizing probiotic soap containing healing plant extracts fermented with probiotics. Coconut oil, with known antimicrobial activity provides purifying power and health benefits.
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Formulated by the award-winning microbiologist, Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., this beauty and revitalizing probiotic soap contains healing plant extracts fermented with probiotics. Coconut oil, with known antimicrobial activity provides purifying power and health benefits. Contains no fragrances, stabilizers, deodorants, preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors. Experience improved skin health as this gentle bar cleanses, feeds, heals, moisturizes, conditions and protects.

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar - A Beauty bar with natural plant extracts and essential herbs that leaves your skin supple, radiant and youthful.

"While probiotic skin care is relatively new in the United States, people in Japan have been using it for years with great results," explained Kathy LaForce, director of education for Essential Formulas, distributor of Dr. Ohhira's formulations. "Probiotics feed and nourish an individual's own beneficial bacteria on their skin while protecting it from harmful bacteria and maintaining a healthy pH balance, this makes it perfect for all skin types and ages."

The largest organ in the human body is the skin and protects our major internal organs from external pollutants, chemicals and pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is estimated that 50 million individual bacteria live on the average square centimeter of human skin so bacterial balance plays a major role in skin health.

"Dr. Ohhira's Kampuku Beauty Bar delivers skin ecology-supportive nourishment probiotic and prebiotic extracts via an all-natural, non-drying formulation that clarifies, balances and rejuvenates the skin on the face and body," said Kat James, noted health and beauty expert and best-selling author of The Truth about Beauty.

Nicole Brechka, editor of Better Nutrition explains that beauty and personal care is now one of the fastest-growing categories of the health and wellness market with sales for natural and organic items hitting $10 billion in 2009-an 8 percent jump from the previous year. "Because there are now so many choices in the area of natural personal care we wanted to help the consumer make informed choices when purchasing these products," said Brechka.

To select the winning products, Better Nutrition's Beauty Advisory Board conducted extensive research and interviews with health food store owners and as well as Better Nutrition readers and staffers.

"The Kampuku Beauty Bar is the best probiotic cleanser I have ever used as it includes natural plant extracts and herbs that replenish every type of skin," said Susanne Bennett, D.C., a holistic chiropractor specializing in skin care. "Dr. Ohhira is an award-winning microbiologist who has done extensive research in the field of lactic acid bacteria. I recommend his beauty bar to all my patients and particularly for those with fungal infections such as athlete's foot, acne, cradle cap, and eczema."

Serves as a natural moisturizer and deodorant. Ideal for dry or oily skin.

As with all products formulated by award-winning microbiologist Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., this beauty and revitalizing soap does not contain fragrances, stabilizers, deodorants, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors or mineral (i.e., titanium oxide). Although its natural caramel color may fade during use and storage, the soap's high quality remains intact.

Store in a dry location. Keep beyond the reach of infants and young children. Do not ingest. Soap pack
contains oxygen absorber to maintain the quality of the product; discard absorber after opening soap.

Ingridients (Percentage & Purpose)
Fatty Sodium 94.8% - Detergent
Lactic Acid Bacteria Extract (Probiotic)* 4.0% - Humidifying Agent
Mountain Spring Water 0.7% - Solvent
Carame 0.5% - Humidifying Agent

*Ingredients in Lactic Acid Bacteria (Probiotics) Extract.

Extract is comprised of natural, wild growing plants hand-harvested from the vast mountain region of the Chugoku district of Japan, seaweed from Japan's ocean and mountain spring water. Raw ingredients are apricot, mugwort, brown seaweed, oleaster, plum, wild strawberry, mulberry, sea tangle, Chinese bayberry, wild vine, Chinese matrimony, shiitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage and loquat. Raw ingredients are carefully blended, naturally fermented and matured for up to five years

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