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Duanwood Reishi by Dragon Herbs
Duanwood Reishi by Dragon Herbs

Duanwood Reishi Drops

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Reishi tonifies the three treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen), which builds body resistance, and is detoxifying, aphrodisiac, and sedative. It is widely believed to prolong life and enhance intelligence and wisdom.
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  • “Herb of the Immortals”
  • Made with organically grown cultivated Red Reishi mushroom caps
  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
  • Mountain grown
  • Grown on natural forest Duanwood™ (“duanmu”) logs
  • Immune modulating
  • Supports intelligence
  • Supports Liver functioning

This powerful extract possesses all the power of the best Reishi in the world. Duanwood Reishi is cultivated under strict conditions under the supervision of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health. No chemicals of any sort are used to grow these mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown on natural logs known as "duan" wood. Unlike most Reishi available in America that is grown on rice husks and sawdust, Duanwood Reishi grows on the same wood they grow on in the forests of Manchuria. This is the highest standard for Reishi mushrooms in the world. For general health purposes, this is the best Reishi mushroom available anywhere. . The 8:1 extract of Duanwood Reishi makes this the most potent Reishi product, made from the best Reishi, available on the market anywhere, including Japan, China or Korea. It is 2 to 4 times more potent than comparably priced Reishi products being sold elsewhere.

Reishi mushroom is arguably the greatest tonic herb in the world. This is the best Reishi you can get. Everyone should take Reishi every day.

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