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Immune Bac Pro at FoodHealing.org
Immune Bac Pro at FoodHealing.org

Immune Bac Pro 90ct

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Immune Bac Pro™ offers rapid response support to help your immune system achieve balance and wellness.* Immune Bac Pro™ delivers adaptogens and herbal support for healthy immune, digestive and lymph system function.* It is formulated to tonify Qi energy and to promote a balanced stress response.*

This formulated blend of traditional botanicals includes Coptis, which contains berberine and supports a healthy digestive system.* Burdock supports a healthy lymphatic system, and Japanese Honeysuckle and Forsythia support respiratory health.* Andrographis supports stress reduction and overall immune system health.*


Immune Bac Pro™ provides Rapid Response support by:

  • Supporting healthy immune system function*
  • Promoting healthy digestive system function*
  • Supporting healthy respiratory system function*
  • Promoting balance and a healthy stress response*
  • Tonifying Qi*


Coptis root  a source of berberine, supports digestive health.*

Andrographis an adaptogen herb, supports healthy immune function and supports stress reduction.*

Japanese honeysuckle and Forsythia tonify Qi.*

Burdock root an alterative herb, supports a healthy lymphatic system.*

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