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Qi Drops

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Qi tonics provide the energy required to be adaptive and for the immune system to protect us against all onslaughts. Chinese herbalism is rich in Qi tonics and Qi Drops is the quintessential Qi tonic formulation.
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According to Asian health philosophy, we all need Qi on a constant basis. Qi tonics provide the energy required to be adaptive and for the immune system to protect us against all onslaughts. Chinese herbalism is rich in Qi tonics and Qi Drops is the quintessential Qi tonic formulation. It contains most of the premier Qi supertonics used in Chinese tonic herbalism, including Ginseng, Gynostemma, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Tibetan Rhodiola, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) and others. This very powerful formula can increase Qi production in the body by helping to strengthen the functions of the lungs and digestive system.
Sung Jin Park, Ron Teeguarden's Taoist mentor, had this to say about Qi:
"Qi is the invisible life force which enables the body to think and perform voluntary movement. The power of Qi can be seen in the power that enables a person to move and live. It can be seen in the movement of energy in the cosmos and in all other movements and changes. Qi circulates through the twelve meridians, the energy circuitry of the body, to nourish and preserve the inner organs." 
There are said to be three "Treasures" that form the basis of human life. These are Jing, Qi and Shen. Qi is often referred to as the "second Treasure."

The Tonic Herbs Used in Qi Drops
Tibetan Rhodiola Root
Tibetan Rhodiola sacra supports healthy vitality. This Tibetan herb is one of the elite Qi tonics in the world. It is good for resisting temporary or minor fatigue from work or play. Tibetan Rhodiola supports healthy blood oxygenation processes. It is especially well known for supporting the full intelligence of those who consume it regularly. Rhodiola sacra has the action of “supporting the human body” and the immune supporting effects of Rhodiola sacra are, according to some researchers, stronger than those of Ginseng (a VERY potent immune potentiator). Rhodiola sacra supports recovery from normal fatigue due to work, and not associated with any disorder. Tibetan Rhodiola sacra has double-direction adjusting effects on the nervous and endocrine systems. It is good for resisting mental fatigue, and it can support a person’s memory, power of concentration and work-efficiency.
Astragalus root
Astragalus is one of the most popular and important tonic herbs used in the Orient. It is said to strengthen the primary energy and to tonify the three burning spaces. It is famed as a specific energizer to the outside of the body and is therefore beneficial to those who tend to be physically active. Some people consider Astragalus to be a tonic superior to ginseng for younger people. Astragalus is believed to be strengthening to the legs and arms, and is traditionally used by people who work outdoors, especially in the cold, because of its strengthening and warming nature. As an energizer to the outside of the body, Astragalus is used to tonify the protective energy (Wei Qi) which circulates just under the skin. Wei Qi is the Yang counterpart of the more Yin nutritional energy (Ying Qi) which flows through the twelve meridians and supplies the organs with vital energy. Wei, like Ying, is generated in the Lungs and after the Lungs have extracted Qi from the air and the Stomach and Spleen extract Qi from food. The air and food energies are united in the Lung to generate the "essential energy." Ying and Wei are the two components of the essential energy. Wei Qi circulates in the subcutaneous tissues providing suppleness to the flesh and adaptive energy to the skin. It is the Wei Qi which provides the energy to perspire, produce goose flesh or shiver. Astragalus, in tonifying the Lung, especially its Yang component, helps the body build an abundance of free flowing Wei Qi, thus fortifying the defense function of the skin.
White Atractylodes Rhizome
White Atractylodes is an important general body tonic which acts generally upon the digestive system and helps balance the appetite. It is widely used in Chinese herbalism as a Qi tonic. White Atractylodes has warming properties and is mildly stimulating. As a tonic to the Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach, it is saidto support digestion and to support fluid metabolism. Upon continued use, White Atractylodes will help regulate the appetite, so it is widely used as an herb to strengthen healthy metabolic function in order to maintain healthy weight. White Atractylodes is also used to help strengthen the muscles in general, and the legs in particular. By supporting the Spleen/Pancreas function as described in Chinese herbalism, it helps build Qi that is distributed to the entire body. White Atractylodes is considered to be one of the best Qi tonics by Chinese herbalists.
Codonopsis Root
Codonopsis is a great general tonic used to help restore bodily vigor, just like ginseng. Codonopsis has a mild energy, but it is a very powerful Qi tonic. Codonopsis is very effective as a tonic to the "middle burning space" which includes the Stomach and Spleen's unified function. It is excellent as a Qi  tonic, providing energy to the Lung and Spleen/Pancreas, those organ systems that extract Qi from environmental sources, and thus helps to generate Qi for the entire body. It is said that “this herb tones up the Qi of the Spleen/Pancreas without making it too dry, and nourishes the Yin of the Stomach without making it too wet.” The ability to balance the primary metabolic functions is one of this herb's great qualities. It also lubricates the Lungs and its passages, but always appropriately and not in excess. Codonopsis supports the production of blood.
White Ginseng Root  
White Ginseng root is said to help replace lost Qi to the meridians and organs. It tonifies Qi and is adaptogenic. It is used to benefit all the Qi so that one may live a long and happy life. It is supports the immune system. White Ginseng helps overcome temporary or short term fatigue. White Ginseng supports the mind and focus, and is used traditionally to stabilize the emotions, counteracts mild stress (as an adaptogen) and enhances wisdom. Ginseng is tonic to both the Lungs and the Spleen/Pancreas systems. White Ginseng is quicker acting than Red Ginseng.
Gynostemma Leaf
Gynostemma is a premier adaptogen and Qi tonic. It supports the normal healthy immune and respiratory systems, helps maintain healthy weight in already healthy individuals, and supports the cardiovascular system.
Polygonatum Sibericum
Polygonatum sibericum is used as a Qi and Yin tonic, and is said to have a specific benefit to the energy of the heart and brain. It is used in Shen and Jing tonics to help nourish the brain and strengthen the mind. It is a Qi tonic to the brain. It can be combined with Panax Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero), Gynostemma, and various Qi tonics to add important mental Qi power. 
Siberian Ginseng
Eleuthero is the equal of Panax Ginseng in its adaptogenic capabilities. Some authorities think it is stronger. Eleuthero contains saponins which help support the nervous system and endocrine system. Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) also has a huge reputation as a helpful mental tonic and even as a mental stimulant. It is considered to be faster acting than Ginseng. Eleuthero supports and alert mind.
Dioscorea Root
Dioscorea root is widely used as a secondary tonic. Dioscorea, a type of yam, is an important Yin tonic that is said to benefit the spirit, support flesh, and when taken habitually, to help brighten the intellect and prolong life. Dioscorea serves as a Stomach-Spleen Qi tonic, as well as supporting the Lungs and supplementing the Kidney Yin. This white, brittle herb has cooling properties. Its energy is classified as neutral.
Licorice Root 
Licorice is the most widely used of all Chinese herbs. It is known as the "Grandfather of Chinese herbs," and as the "Great Adjunct." It is used as a harmonizing ingredient in a large number of Chinese herbal recipes and is itself an excellent tonic and longevity herb. Chinese licorice root is said to revitalize the “Center,” referring to the “middle burning space,” and in particular to the digestive and assimilative functions associated with the Spleen. It strikes a balance into the internal regions of the body. Licorice is classically said to moderate harsher properties of other herbs and substances. The “Great Adjunct” is said to aid all other herbs in entering their respective meridians and is thus of tremendous importance in the Chinese tonic herbal system. It is also believed that licorice will clean the meridians and allow Qi to flow smoothly. It is also widely claimed that licorice root supports flesh (muscle) and helps maintain a beautiful countenance.
Aged Citrus Peel
Aged Citrus (Tangerine) Peel is a digestant. It falls into the classical category of “Qi regulating” herbs --- that is, herbs that help Qi to move smoothly and to help prevent digestive stagnation. It is not a tonic herb, but is often used in tonic formulations to improve their function by circulating Qi. Sometimes strong Qi herbs, such as those being used in Qi Drops, can result in minor stagnation in the digestive tract if a Qi regulating herb is not included in the formula. Aged Citrus (Tangerine) Peel is VERY effective at moving Qi.
Traditional Function: Qi tonic, supports the immune system*
Who can use it? Anyone
Concentration: 8:1
Specifications: 2 fl. oz.
Astragalus root, Gynostemma leaf, Chinese Ginseng root, Eleuthero root, Codonopsis root, Tibetan Rhodiola root, Bai-zhu Atractylodes rhizome, Chinese Yam rhizome, Polygonatum root, Chinese Licorice root, Aged Tangerine rind.
Other Ingredients: water, alcohol.
Usage: 3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.
Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to

diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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